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We provide assistance in the following areas:

Wealth Management:

Growth Strategies

Including index funds, ETFs and passive with active management strategies

Income Strategies

Comprehensive and layered income producing strategies.  We seek to minimize risk, produce income and avoid higher fee guaranteed products when producing income strategies for our clients.

Tax Efficient Investment Services

Minimize taxes in taxable accounts and provide guidance on the proper usage of company 401k plan, IRA plan, Roth IRA and other self-employed retirement plans.

Third Party Money Managers

Access to professional, reputable and independent money managers.

Roth Conversions

Understand the pros and cons of a Roth conversion and when this strategy may make sense for you. We also educate our clients on under explored planning opportunities relating to the Roth conversion.

Financial Planning:

Tax Services:

In order to maintain a high level of service we have become very selective in adding new tax clients. In limited situations we will take on new tax clients.  We prefer to work, in conjunction with your current CPA, as your financial advisor.

Individual Tax Returns

Corporate Tax Returns

Partnership Tax Returns

Bookkeeping and Financial Statement Services